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A Modern Take on French Provincial: White Dresser Dipped in Gold

I've been waiting to find a piece of furniture to try this technique on, and I think I waited for just the right one.  This dresser is a showstopper.  It's impeccably built and has such good bones, I could have easily just painted it solid white and it would have been stunning.  But creating that gold dipped look just takes it to an entirely new level.  I'm in love. The original hardware has flecks of gold in it, beautifully coordinating with the gold paint I chose. [I know, I'm gushing] I haven't posted this for sale yet, but it's easily one of the nicest pieces I've done.

I have a full quart of gold paint [I used Modern Masters Matte Metallic in Light Gold], so I'm sure I'll be gold dipping quite a bit! [I ain't saying she's a gold dipper...].  I just love how such a traditional style like French Provincial can be taken to such a modern, if slightly edgy place. If I was painting for myself all the time, I'd definitely bring a little more 'edge' to all these vintage pieces. Since I'm painting for my customers, I need to paint in colors and styles that work best in their homes. This dresser is the perfect balance of timeless vintage with a modern touch. Contact me if you'd like a custom dresser painted in this style!