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Chalk Paint Color Inspiration: Coral

Sometimes inspiration strikes in bizarre places. The other day I got to sample some colorful mini cupcakes [I can’t resist anything ombre!] and was immediately inspired by the varying shades of peachy-pink and coral. [nothing like cupcakes to motivate you!]

I've been working on a new project for a while now. It's not quite at the stage where I'll share all the details of it, but it does involve paint and developing different formulas and colors. I dabbled with a few options until I came out with this particular shade of coral. When working with a new shade, I always like to test things out on sample boards and on smaller pieces before painting furniture. I decided to test out my new shade of coral on this large French Provincial mirror, and so far I'm loving the results! I'll share more photos of the mirror once it's completed. I also need to figure out some way to hang this behemoth...not sure how that'll go! In the meantime, scroll through the photos to see my process of experimenting with coral!