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A Brief Update on Things + Pink and Gray Styling!

So friends. I've been BUSY planning bigger and better things for A Simpler Design and beyond, so apologies if my posts have been less than thrilling as of late! I'm also getting ready for my big trip of the year [if you didn't read about that, check that out here!]. I'm planning on taking on a new creative medium during this trip.  I picked up a new AMAZING camera [more on that another day], and I'm hoping to capture bits of my entire trip on video. Once I get everything edited, I'll start sharing my Maui adventures on Youtube, but I don't want to give a definitive date, since I really have no idea how long it'll take me to edit and have things ready to launch. But I digress...back to DESIGN! 

I forgot to share some of the styling shots of this lovely French Provincial dresser I painted in Annie Sloan's French Linen [the PERFECT warm mid tone gray for any space!]. The dresser up and sold within a couple days of posting it, but these photos incorporating pops of pink had to be shared. I can't get enough of how beautifully dried flowers petals photograph.  I'm dying to do more design projects using these lovelies [along with other dried petals I've got in the works].

I also randomly painted this pair of bowling pins hot pink [they were in rough shape, and certainly not retro-cool anymore!]. I'd hoped to use them as book ends, but it turns out bowling pins fall down fairly easily [who knew?] so holding up books isn't their forte. This bold shade of pink does really set up nicely against the warm gray.

I like to bring in my duo of birds on occasion [I picked these up from West Elm a couple years back]. Their colors pick up the exact tones in my washi tape art [see more on that here] I have propped up behind them. They're just having a super casual chat, no big deal.

And there you have it: my random vignette of all things pink and gray. Sometimes I like to style things from a practical, realistic perspective [lamps, magazines, other normal things you'd find in a bedroom], but sometimes it's fun to imagine how someone more eccentric would style their dresser.  Bowling pins and flower petals and fake birds in some strange way work!