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Why is Anthropologie so pretty?!? Anthro Opens at Ponce City Market

I'm fairly sure most women in their 20s and 30s love themselves some Anthropologie.  I know I do.  It's like a museum of all the pretty, wonderful things I want to surround myself with.  Ponce City Market is trying to torture me with my favorite stores, having just opened West Elm and Anthropologie in the same week.  If you're wondering where all my moneys will go, it's these stores.  This is problematic. I wanted to buy all of the things. I nearly purchased several copies of my Jane Austen favorites, simply because the book covers were SO temptingly lovely. Scroll to the bottom to see my new bedroom.  No, I don't mean I'll purchase everything here. I'd just like to live in THIS EXACT ROOM. I'm sure Anthro will be all about it.  I know I'll swing by this store again and again [and AGAIN], and I'm sure each time I go, all the store's styling will change and evolve and will be a revolving door of design inspiration.  It's looking just gorgeous right now so stop by and get your pretty fix! Here are some iPhone shots I took of the store on its opening day: