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Back from Hawaii, Laptop Rant + Classes Reminder!

Hey friends! So the whole trying to write and edit blog posts while on vacation proved futile.  I succumbed to the charms of the Pacific Ocean, and never really left it while I was there. I was hoping to edit and share more photos today, but alas my first day back on the mainland involved a dismal trip to get my laptop screen replaced. RIP retina screen. It's expensive and if it weren't for the fact that I have a desktop [iMac, how I love you so], I'd probably have been in a puddle of tears at the service desk.  I've given up on the concept of laptops.  I have the worst luck, so now my Macbook Pro will find its new home with my mom. She has a dying desktop and will take excellent care of the laptop [aka, she will never move it from her desk so it's nearly impossible to damage, knock on wood]. Maybe they'll come out with that gigantic iPad i've heard rumors about. I'm sure I could edit photos on one of those. We've had the same iPad for years, and it never breaks, so maybe that will be my new portable calling. Ok, sad rant over!

Now that I'm back to work, I wanted to remind you about my classes coming up this July! I'm just getting started, so I'm keeping the classes SUPER small, which is lucky for you since you'll get all of my attention! While the classes are small, I'm trying to tailor classes specifically to my attendees. For example, I've got a couple expectant mothers signed up and so for them, I'm going to focus on ideas for painting nurseries and fun baby-centric projects! I have another woman who's wanting to paint a vanity for her mother's birthday, and so I'll focus on choosing the perfect color, plus tips and tricks to painting a vanity. For me, it's entirely too much fun to share what I do and love in a relaxed teaching setting like this, so I hope my students will have as much fun with it as I do!

Here is a link to my current calendar, but if there's a date that works better for you, just contact me and we'll set something up!