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Creating my own custom paint line!

I'm finally getting back into painting after taking a week off AFTER my vacation [yes, I needed a vacation from my vacation. Hawaii is just SO rough...insert cheeky emoji here...], I thought I'd share some shots of my upcoming next own paint line! No, I'm not going to be featured in stores across the country, just my own store, but I finally developed the right combination of ingredients that achieves a really lovely painted finish on nearly anything [yes, I've tested out these babies quite a bit]. 

I started out with just a few colors, with a collection I'm referring to as my 'nautical summer series' [since, you know, everyone's all about the nautical these days], and I'm so pleased with the quality and durability of the paint!

Here, you can see it on several sample boards I've painted, and just like my go to Annie Sloan chalk paints, it has a lovely, buttery matte finish. 

Though I won't go into too many details on the combination of ingredients I'm using, I am opting to use VERY low and no-voc paint [of these colors, the white, aqua and coral are all no-voc, while the navy and light blue are low-voc].  No-voc paint is much more expensive, but I wanted to see if the durability or adhesion would change using the two types of paint.  

It appears they both hold up well and have an identical, matte finish. I haven't decided if I'll opt to invest more money in keeping everything no-voc just yet, but it's nice to know I have the option to create a paint that's odorless and completely safe for kids and pregnant women.

I'm still finalizing my labels, but I've decided for my first few batches of paint, I'm going to paint and wax the mason jar containers, so that way my customers can actually use the jar once they've run out of paint [wouldn't this make a gorgeous little flower vase or pencil holder? Just saying...]

If you're wanting to start a painting project at home and are in need of a custom color [or one of the colors you see above!], shoot me an email, and I'd be happy to work with you on creating any color you can imagine. Also, if you sign up for my chalk painting basics class, you'll get a sample of my paint to take home with you and test out!