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One Stop Shop: West Elm Inspiration for a Formal Living Room

Living and working above a West Elm is problematic [they just opened their store at Ponce City Market a few weeks ago!].  I've begun thinking of all design in terms of West Elm pieces. I don't recommend purchasing EVERYTHING for a room from one store, but when I'm recommending sizes and general styling ideas to a client, it can be easy for them to head to a store and visualize everything in one space.

My client needed help with space planning and generally deciding what size pieces she could fit in her home. We didn't talk much about color, so I kept things more neutral with a hint of color [to help her get outside of her neutrals safe zone!]. All this furniture is for a piano room just off the front door of the home, so it's a slightly more formal space, but would be the perfect spot to get some quiet time or have a chat and some tea [dosn't that sound lovely?]. Check out the links to the pieces below, and I also thought I'd include the space plan using the furniture [anything in the layout not mentioned in the mood board are her existing pieces of furniture!]. If you're in need of any space planning or styling help, contact me!