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Trying out Craft Izakaya at Krog Street Market

I've been CRAVING sushi and all things seafood and asian inspired since getting back from Maui. I want to eat it all of the time. Craft Izakaya, located at the ever bustling and popular Krog Street Market, has been on my list of restaurants to try for AGES. I went with a couple friends who had been a few times, and they immediately knew what bits and bites to order. We were so busy chatting and stuffing our faces full of all the good things, I may have forgotten to photograph the sushi portion of this meal, but I did remember to shoot things initially, so I can share the deliciousness from the start of our meal!

This.  And only this.  If you're only stopping by for just a drink and a small bite, this is a MUST. I could have devoured this entire ball of deliciousness single handedly. I tried to find the exact name of it on the restaurant's website, but alas, it's not listed! Basically, it's a spicy tuna ball [imagine what's inside rolls of spicy tuna sushi], topped with thin slices of avocado, sesame seeds, roe, and green onions. There's also a savory soy-based sauce it's sitting in. Delightful! There's a spicy mayo for dipping, along with tempura fried chips [again, not sure what the chips are made of, but they complemented the tuna beautifully]. I'm coming back for you, like right now.  


Next up were a couple yakitori skewers we shared. We went with duck and ground chicken meatballs [which looks more like a sausage, but delicious nonetheless]. They come with three sauces with increasing levels of heat, though I thought all were manageable. The lightest, a pineapple based sauce was the spiciest, but probably the most unique of the three. They were perfectly good, but I love sushi and all the fish dishes so much more, I'd probably only order this every so often.

Last up on our appetizer portion were these little wasabi shumai.  Dumplings are one of my main food groups, so of course this dish was a natural fit for me. They're not insanely spicy, but if you're not a fan of wasabi, you may want to pass on these. I on the other hand, put wasabi on almost anything, if that gives you an idea of my appreciation for this wonderful hulk-colored condiment. 

I swore I photographed my cocktail [an old fashioned that was smokey and paired nicely with everything!], but even without all the photos, I HIGHLY recommend this spot.  It's casual, and on a Thursday night, we were able to walk in without a wait [unlike some of the other more congested spots of KSM]. You and your tummy will be pleased!