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Before and After: Bamboo Dresser goes Tiffany Blue [aka Turquoise]

Some call it turquoise, others refer to it as 'Tiffany Blue,' but I can't help but paint in this color every so often.  It transforms even the most dull piece of furniture into something bright and cheerful. Here's what this dresser looked like before I attacked it with turquoise:

Most people might have a hard time looking past the sea of tacky beige and odd grainy texture of this dresser. Not me!

I knew it needed to be bold and make a statement. I couldn't picture this piece in anything neutral, since it was coming from such a place of 'blah.' 

I went with my own chalk paint again, using a super bright turquoise I adore. You can't help but smile when painting with this color. 

I was still a bit weary it would be too intense on such a large piece, so I tested out the paint with the hardware still attached.  It didn't take me too long to commit to this color!


I will say, a piece with so much intricate detailing [basketweave texture and bamboo], made this one a bear to paint.  It took me nearly twice as long as a more traditional design. I had to use a variety of brushes, including these tiny ones to get into all the crevices.

Looking back, this would have been the perfect guinea pig for testing out my chalk paint with a sprayer, but seeing the results now, I can't imagine having painted it any other way.

My favorite part about this piece is actually the hardware. I love that it also has the nod to the bamboo style, and the burnished brass just pops against the blues of the dresser.

The dresser has a bit of sheen from buffing it, but I opted to wax it instead of using poly-acrylic since I was worried about how the poly would work in the tight spaces of the basketweave details.  I spent SO much time painting it so precisely, I'd hate to ruin all that hard work with a botched poly job. 

I almost always prefer the look and feel of wax [if you've ever read any of my furniture posts, you'd know this by now!], because I can easily achieve a matte effect or create more of a sheen with a sturdy buffing. 

The color reads a little intense in the photos, but in person it's just perfect [to me at least!]. I could envision this piece in so many types of spaces. It would be the most charming changing table for a baby's room, or the perfect statement piece in a dining room. [and of course lovely in all the traditional ways you'd use a dresser!]

Bright colors always inspire me to design and create unique spaces. I couldn't style this one yet since I literally just finished waxing it when I shot these photos, but I can't wait to see how this will look in someone's home!

As usual, I'll post this one in my shop soon [okay, I'll do it immediately after publishing this post for once!] and on Craigslist.  I'm also going to start posting them for sale on my Facebook page, since I realized not everyone wants to read blog posts, but may be interested in the furniture I have for sale! Happy Friday! -Jo