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Maui Week: Trip Update and What's in my Carry-on

TRIP UPDATE: So sorry I haven't been posting much here! I've been too busy prepping and now enjoying my trip to Maui!  We arrived Friday afternoon [after a rather bumpy and interesting flight...], and we've been nonstop ever since.  [also warning: this is a chatty, wordy post!]

Our first day involved a pre-5am wake up to head to an INTENSE ocean rafting/snorkeling adventure. We then spent the rest of the day recovering from said adventure, ending the day with fourth of July festivities. Second day was another INTENSE drive to Hana. It's a must do while you're in Maui, and has some of the most breathtaking views, but it's a one lane highway with a million bridges [or around 60] along the sides of cliffs and infinite S-turns that would make anyone a bit woozy.  We ended the day with a fantastic dinner at Mama's Fish House and another LONG drive back to our hotel.

I'll post photos and talk about everything in more detail once I've gone through all my photos and videos [over 700 so far, eep!]. In the meantime, I need a day to RELAX.  We've crammed a hefty portion into our first couple days since the weather will not be cooperating with us on this entire trip, but it appears I now need a vacation from my vacation. Today we slept in [in Hawaii life that's about 6:30am] and are now enjoying a leisurely breakfast in the room while soaking in our ocean view [more on our view and the hotel later!].  Today I thought I'd share some quick photos of my travel essentials. I packed a little heavier than I usually do, but my carry on stayed fairly succinct and organized. 

When I know I'll have a full day of traveling [in this case total flying time was nearly 11 hours and travel time was closer to 14!], I always pack all the snacks. Between the three of us [my mom and bestie Katie], we had our bases covered. The only thing I wished I'd done was pack a sandwich [we had hardly any time to pick up lunch between our flights, and due to the time difference we ended up with two breakfasts..].

I always keep my pricier possessions in my carry-on [this time that included my laptop, camera, my makeup bag and its contents [oh Sephora...], clutch, blow dryer, curling iron and iPhone. I just don't trust to have these things out of my sight, no matter where I'm headed. I also always carry an extra change of clothes and my underwear for the trip [there's nothing fun about having to spend your vacation money on bras and panties because your bag didn't arrive on time!].  I also brought an empty water bottle [a must!], a giant scarf that doubles as a blanket, little books and a pen for writing or jotting down things, and of course most of my liquids in a ziplock bag.

All of this could fit in my one carry-on roller bag, but I like to split the contents up into a second handbag, so I can keep snacks and other in-flight essentials on hand.  This 'what's in my carry-on' is fairly standard to what I'll always pack with me no matter where I go, so nothing is too Maui-specific. My wardrobe, on the other hand has Maui written all over it, but I'll save that for another day! Back to the beach I go!