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Photo Tour: Maui [Half] Day One

It's now day four [or day 3.5 to be more specific] and I finally got around to sorting through my photos! As you might imagine, being on vacation in such a beautiful place makes you want to be outdoors all. the. time. So I don't have much time to write at length about our adventures, but this first day involved mostly travel anyway.  A 5am wakeup. Airport. Breakfast. Fly. Another airport. Fly some more. Attempting to land on Maui twice. Waiting for bags. One bag going missing [but returned later that night]. A LONG 1.5 hour drive to our hotel. Scrambling for food [convincing the bartender to give us happy hour priced drinks that aren't $15!]. Delectable sushi and apps. Night walk by the beach. Bed. Day one done!

Boarding our first plane of the day

Not a bad view, Maui.

Looking super Hawaiian at baggage claim

Gorgeous, but long drive to Kaanapali

Dropped our bags and immediately ordered tropical cocktails

Posing with our tropical cocktails

Happy sushi party!

Duck meatballs are yummy

But hula pie is always the best

Walking along the beach after sunset

These ladies LOVE Hawaii!