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Photo Tour: Ocean Rafting Maui's Kanaio Coast

Our first full day in Maui was an exhilarating and exhausting one.  It involved us waking up pre-dawn to drive about an hour to the other side of the island for a ocean rafting excursion.  The ocean is unusually choppy and the surf is high while we're here, so we had a bit of a bumpy ride.  Think of it something like riding a galloping horse who REALLY likes to jump. Over and over. We definitely caught air many times and though I slightly feared for my life [just slightly since I'd done this kind of thing before] it was entirely worth it!

The Kanaio coast of Maui is made up of beautiful lava formations and endless caves, some of which spout misty water like dragon's smokey breath when the waves crash upon them.  In the past we were actually able to enter a cave or two, but the waters are changing, and we weren't able to this time around. We did stop in a few snorkel spots, including Molokini crater, though the sea was too choppy for me to be able to multitask taking photos and checking out the fish.  My mom snapped a couple photos and videos under the water, but I'll try and get some better snorkeling photos today since we're heading to a snorkel spot I haven't been to yet.