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Healthy Cocktails? My Take on a Sunset Champagne* Cocktail Recipe

*okay, so maybe I don't drink actual champagne all that often.  But not many of us I stick to prosecco and it's fantastic!

That aside done with, I've been getting back into cocktail making [stay tuned for posts on infusions and cocktail syrups!].  Summer in Atlanta can be oppressively humid, but also relaxed and laid back in the best way.  Think sipping mint juleps on your front porch and sweet tea in glass pitchers. I've mentioned my foray into juicing over the past few months, and after taking a bit of a break after being away and busy with work, I'm getting back into the swing of things.  But what do juicing and cocktails have in common? You'd be surprised!  

I happened to have a bit of my usual carrot, apple ginger juice along with a bottle of prosecco...and the combination was delicious!  I added a drop or two of orange bitters just for a little punch, but between the color [a decadently orange sunset], slightly sweet, but more refreshing [think of the fresh feeling a cucumber cocktail gives], I was hooked!  Don't have a juicer at home to try this with? You can pick up carrot apple ginger juice at Whole Foods [and probably other groceries- vegetable based juices are really growing]- the one I like best is the version by Arden's Garden. It's almost as good as mine! [fresh is always best!].

Jo's Sunset Champagne* Cocktail

  • 1oz carrot apple ginger juice
  • 1-2 drops of orange bitters
  • 7oz prosecco or any dry sparkling wine [something in the $10-15 range works great]

Mix the juice and bitters at the bottom of the glass and pour the prosecco on top. Garnish with candied ginger or a carrot ribbon [or both!]