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Small Space Envy: Design Inspiration from a Masculine Space

Have you ever walked into a place and had your jaw drop? These were my exact sentiments when I walked into this loft the other week. It's not exactly my typical style, and definitely has a masculine feel to it. To some, this might just seem to be a well styled apartment, but for me, it's all in the details. Every inch of this space is so well curated and such thought was put into every inch.  I'm so envious of spaces that just come together so cohesively and flow well. I'm all about space planning and thoughtfully considering every inch of a space, and when you're talking about a 900 square foot apartment, planning is essential. And I'm such a sucker for a good gallery wall, and the one in this loft is perfection. Spaces like this just make me want to design and create and make beautiful spaces of my own. Happy Friday! -Jo