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A Peek into Chalk Painting Class

Playing with paint. Munching on cookies. Sipping cocktail or two.  Chatting about furniture and design. Learning something new. Sounds like my kind of party! I love spending a day working on furniture, reinventing and being creative. The thing is, working solo gets a little lonely. I have infinitely more fun when I get to paint and play alongside friends, family and my students!  I'm awful at remembering to take photos during class, but here are a few quick iphone shots I snapped during a couple different classes.  Right now, I've just started with my Chalk Painting Basics, where we do all of the above and students can bring something small to work on [check out the frame a student painted below, it's GORGEOUS!]. I'm getting ready to post my September class schedule, and I'm also posting a few slots for one [or two!] on one furniture painting classes! Now, you'll get to bring a piece to work on in my studio so I can show you my painting techniques on your own furniture! Nothing is posted just yet, but stay tuned!