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House As Is: What my living spaces look like everyday

Spending my time so focused on design and creating beautiful spaces and pieces is a passion of mine [if that isn't obvious yet!], but the practicality of living my every day that way is a challenge. In fact, it's just about impossible to have every space of mine looking perfectly polished, clean and styled ALL THE TIME.  Instagram and social media paints such a perfect picture of our lives, so sometimes, it's nice to see spaces as is, no edits made other than trying to take a decent photo. I'm not going to take those ugly 'before' photos where the lighting is intentionally awful and the angles are unflattering. My stylist brain can't do it! 

In my family room/great room/tv room/room I spend 90% of my time in, it generally looks pretty good. Other than having a mess of books and magazines strewn about the coffee table [though I did just tidy all that up, hence why I didn't include a photo of it], it stays pretty organized. The one thing that remains the same every day unless we have guests over is our turned down pillows. These chairs are new and we're trying to keep them pet free.  Cats are tricky creatures, and the only way we can prevent them from sitting on the chairs is by leaving our throw pillows down and positioned so there's no space for them to scrunch themselves. Not the most unattractive detail, but it's just our everyday look. 

Again, as I look at this space more, I realize we do keep it looking quite nice [so maybe we're not as slovenly as I was imagining...!]. Our banquette is quite long, and we still don't have enough pillows to place all the way along the back, so the pillows tend to migrate all over the place. We have started back up with Scrabble, and my fancy shmansy wooden Scrabble set is so lovely, it gets to live permanently on the table these days. 

Over to the kitchen, I am definitely a clean freak when it comes to this part of the house. You know how some people are obsessed with keeping their offices looking spotless, otherwise they can't get any work done? I feel precisely the same way about my kitchen.  I need a clean, bare counter-topped kitchen before I can get to work in it.  Here is what the kitchen looks like in the morning, after the coffee has been made, [and french press has been rinsed]. Other than those few bits from the morning routine, there's nothing messy in here. Just wait until I post photos AFTER I've cooked though [the aftermath is another story...].

The pantry has been a work in progress for ages, and though I've finally finished the laborious task of painting it, it's still not organized the way I'd like it. In fact, it very quickly became a storage space for overflow styling props and other bits and bobs from my work. I once vowed to have this become solely a cooking and dining storage space, and one day it will be [just as soon as I figure out what to do with all this other crap...]!

Leaps and bounds were made on this side of said pantry, in the form of copious jars and clear storage containers.  This has vastly improved in just the last day or so, since we made a point to reorganize and store everything properly after a massive stockpile trip to Costco [more on that later, but we bought ALL THE NUTS]. Note to self: do not ever say ALL THE NUTS again.

Here's a shot from the pantry looking into the kitchen.  Yes, it shows some of our reality.  Yes, Kona my beloved mutt is posed to perfection with her new rope toy. No other real reason to include this photo.  I just love her to pieces, that's all.

Moving further towards the front of the house is our piano room, which also stays fairly clean.  The only mess that ever occurs is when the mail comes each day and I plop it onto the table on the left.  I also almost always have a bag laying there [like I do now]. So again, not overly styled, and not overly cluttered [other than with cats], just how the space operates daily.

Another 'I had to include it even though it has no bearing on what this post is about', because Maggie was just so darling on the piano. My mom is in the process of sewing a cover for it, since Maggie has made this her daily nap spot. Another thing to note: as you can see in the room adjoining, our curtains have to stay closed almost all the time, since if left open, a beautifully loud chorus of dogs greets every passerby [runner, dog, baby, car, you name it] and it can get a bit maddening.  Sigh.

Finally we've reached the front door and our newly designed room. Of course the cats love this new little yellow settee.  I love this new little yellow settee.  But I've yet to spend more than a few minutes on it. The cats, on the other hand, are extra creative with how they position themselves in this spot.  We've resorted to strategically placing books and pillows all over it, but I still see Maggie squished in between it all.  Our swivel chairs also are never positioned straight, but that doesn't really bother me [well, except for when I take unedited photos like these and I cringe, but everyday Jo can handle it].  After having gone through our main living spaces, I'm now realizing we're not half bad at keeping things looking tidy.  Next, I'll take you into the bedroom and office areas, and this tune will quickly change!