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Ponce City Market: More Progress Photos

You may not be able to tell from these photos, but there's a surprising amount already completed here at Ponce City Market.  I'm the fangirl who gets really excited when she sees random new signs pop up, or a metal bench, or really anything at all [was that awning there yesterday? FASCINATING!].  I watch this place with bated breath, anxious to have it all completed [especially the food hall, just throw me ONE restaurant please?]. Today, Williams Sonoma and Lululemon both open, though sadly I'm not allowed in either as I would spend all of my money. The irony of buying cooking wares and yoga pants in the same shopping trip isn't lost on me either. I don't have time to pop into the stores today, but I did have time to post some progress photos from other parts of the building. I very rarely take photos of the actual stores, since I find the architecture and design of the building itself far more fascinating.  Okay, enough rambling about PCM, back to the furniture! Happy Friday :) -Jo