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Mid Century is the best century: Mid Mod Desk in Blue

It really is.  At least it's my preference for furniture.  I don't paint mid century often, but when I find something that's a proper candidate, I snatch it up so fast! Also, if it isn't obvious I love blue by now, just head to my portfolio page, and you'll see I paint my fair share of things in every derivative of blue.

I asked friends what color to paint this desk, and a few suggested yellow [which I agree, would have been perfection!], but I just ran out of yellow paint, and I've just got SO much paint right now, I need to use what's in stock.  

I knew there was no way I'd go with something boring for this desk.  It is mid century after all, so if it can't be restored to its original wood state, it better be bold and bright. 

After testing a few colors [including an interesting concoction of wisteria which I passed on!], I thought this shade of robin's egg blue was such a good fit for the original silver pulls and feet. 

So blue I went, and it really is such a fun, lively and inspiring work surface!

I realized after having already painted it, that it evoked the same feeling as this little desk from West Elm, just on a larger scale and with a bit more blue.

I paired it with one of my favorite chairs I covered in a yellow fabric and kept the styling simple with just the usual items I'd have on my desk anyway [minus the mess of course!].

I'm posting this for sale momentarily in all the usual spots, but I'm hoping someone will get some good use of this guy.  He's just too good looking not to!  Happy Friday friends! -Jo