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Using White Wax over Bright Colors: Turquoise Nightstand

I initially painted this nightstand a bold turquoise to match it's dresser counterpart. But when a client of mine paid me to paint that bright dresser a neutral, calming white, I still I wanted to keep this one turquoise, but thought I could create a more subtle finish on it. 

I've always been a fan of using white washes on furniture [who doesn't love that beachy driftwood effect?!], but lately I've been incorporating a bit of white paint into my clear wax to achieve this look.

It takes a little more finesse than just slapping on and buffing a coat of clear wax. I need to brush this tinted wax on more carefully, creating just the right striations along the surfaces of the furniture. 

Once it's finished, it has a super matte, airy and cloud-like consistency that I LOVE! It makes any spot it's place in feel lighter and not visually weighed down. I just posted this pretty thing for sale in my shop and on Craigslist, so please check it out and contact me if you'd like to come by my studio at Ponce City Market and see it in person!