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Tidying up House: Bathroom Sink Essentials

The other week I picked up a book titled, 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.' I've heard about this book from all sorts of people and places. I consider myself a fairly tidy person, or at the very least someone who enjoys organizing. Though I may have my life together in some ways, I definitely have my messy moments, the worst of which being my bedroom and bathroom. So before I even got the chance to start reading said tidying book, I've taken it upon myself to begin the decluttering process.  Then, perhaps once I've actually read it, I'll become even more of a minimalist and my living spaces and life in general will feel clean and organized!

I started with my bathroom sink area. I didn't take before photos, because they would have just been too embarrassing to post! [think hair dryer, brushes, curling iron, various nail polishes, and jewelry EVERYWHERE!]  I first removed everything from the space, gave it a thorough cleaning [it's astonishing how disgusting all the crevices of a sink can be!] and then began to place back only the essentials. I only wanted access to the things I use every day [and well, hair products I don't use daily, but every couple days is still frequent enough]. 

Here on the right side I've got my cotton buds, a jar full of cotton balls [an essential for removing pesky eye makeup], two types of face washes [more on that below] and the best eye makeup remover I've ever tried [it actually gets my mascara off AND makes my eye area feel moisturized and fresh afterwards, amazing!]. I also have my three go to hair products. With the exception of a few sample products I've tried out, these are the only things I ever use in my hair. 

People seem to have the impression I spend hours working on my lovely, long locks but it really isn't the case! I swear by the Bumble and Bumble product line, particularly loving the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protector Primer and the coordinating Invisible Oil.  I towel dry my hair, spritz the primer all over and comb it through, blow dry my hair quite messily [10-15 minutes since I have THICK, long hair!], just using a large round brush at the very end to smooth things out, and then I apply one pump of the invisible oil to the ends a comb it through the rest of my hair with my fingers. If I want things to look a bit more tousled or messy, or if I can't be bothered to blow dry my hair, I use the B&B Surf Infusion Spray all over my hair, just scrunching it and twirling it in my fingers. This is mostly for when I'm in a crazy rush to get out the door. 

I've actually never purchased a face cleanser! I've always had a steady supply of free samples at the ready, and here are a couple new ones to the collection. Right now I'm interchanging between the two, since the one to the left feels more like a traditional cleanser, and has a pleasantly warming and detoxifying feeling, while the one on the right has exfoliating beads and is more moisturizing. I can't really pick one over the other just yet, but both seem to work quite nicely for me.

Moving onto more essentials are the obligatory tooth paste, tooth brush [electric ones are infinitely better, so invest in one!], and water cup. [and not pictured, hand soap!]

Last but not least, I always have deodorant [I've used Tom's for ages; it has less chemicals than your standard variety, which I really appreciate] and I'm currently trying out an alternative to  body lotion. Caudalie's Divine Oil has this light, hibiscus scent I love, and it gives my skin a glow other moisturizers don't.  I'll probably need to switch to something heavier once the weather gets cool, but for most of the year here in Atlanta, this oil is perfect.  My only gripe with it is how messy it is when removing it from the little glass bottle. It really needs a pump.  I always end up with more oil than I need and a little bit on my countertops.   So that takes you through ALL I need by the bathroom sink. There are girls out there who I'm sure keep things even more minimal, but I'd say I'm having a decent start at this tidying up business. Next up is my closet! [by far the WORST offender!]