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Small + Mighty: Navy French Provincial Dresser turned Bar

Seeing potential in a piece of furniture is one of the many perks of my job. I weirdly enjoy scouring Craigslist, yard sales, estate sales, and everything in between for the right pieces to paint.  When I saw this little French Provincial dresser on Craigslist, I immediately had a vision for what I'd do with it.

The  detail work was something that had to be tended to properly. I debated painting over it all with gold paint, but I didn't want it to feel too stuffy and traditional. 

The scroll details could be featured in other ways, and since I had plans of incorporating dark wax on this navy color [something I always do when working with navy], and was going for a 'distressed heirloom' look, one color of paint would do it justice.

More than anything, I wanted to choose colors and finishing styles that best showcased the exquisite lion's head ring pulls. They're stunning in person and have a nice weight to them. 

The combination of navy and gold is always a favorite of mine. It just feels so regal and dignified, even on a smaller scale piece like this.

This dresser would make the perfect piece to place between two beds in a guest room or in a boy's room [it feels very masculine even with all the curves and scroll details]. 

But I immediately saw it as a gorgeous spot for a bar. The height is just right and the space is perfect for placing all your cocktail making essentials.  I tucked in a bar towel into a drawer to pull together the look, but really the only styling needed was a few bar odds and ends.

Of course, my little indoor plant collection helped tie the rest of the space in. I still had my little Turkish rug from my previous styling post in the room, and the blues in it match almost to a T! [don't you love when that happens?]

I've been so behind on posting my furniture pieces for sale, so I'm hoping this one will go up today, so stay tuned, or contact me directly if you're interested in this guy or have any other inquiries!