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House Tour: Styling a Transitional Space

This week, we're now entering a room that’s easily forgotten in most homes. Since I’ve lived here, this room has taken on a few different roles: dining room, living room, and now our piano room!

I can’t find any photos of the space as it was when I first moved in and used it as a dining space, but I thought I’d include some past posts of this space [make sure to check out the first one- I still can’t believe how drastic a change this space has made since then!].





I go back and forth about the bamboo green walls in this space. This room has been at least four different colors over the last seven years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it changed again a year from now.  I do have to say though, when looking at photographs of it, I really do love the bright pop of color it gives to this space. I added my favorite fiddle leaf fig to the room to tie in the botanical green of the walls, and it adds a natural softness to the space. 

To bring an extra touch of class to this room, we went for these gorgeous gray silk curtains from West Elm in an extra long length so they billow along the oak floors. Also, have you noticed a very prominent model in these photos? Sweet Watson insisted on being in nearly every photo, and wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Mostly everything else in this space is fairly dark, starting with my mom’s baby grand piano [my expertise ends with Can You Feel The Love Tonight via The Lion King…!]. The piano is absolutely the showstopper in this room, but I find the light and bright green balances the large, dark pieces in the room.

I also opted to paint an abstract triptych for the wall beside the piano to brighten up this space even more.  These paintings aren’t necessarily done yet, I just ran out of time working on this before the shoot!

The blue is meant to mimic the lines found on sheet music.  In the future, I may add some musical notes from a favorite song of mine, or I may just leave these three as is [we’ll see!]. 

Our round table was my original dining table that I first purchased when moving to Atlanta. While I was writing this, someone came over and bought it! So long round table, you’ve treated us well!

I styled the table simply, using our fancy pants Scrabble set, a large plant [via Ikea] and a clock that never tells the right time [because why not confuse everyone who comes over?].

Another cheeky little one who likes to sneak into photos every so often is Maggie! It helps that her gorgeous green eyes are the very same color of the walls in this room! [intentional of course...!]

On the far end wall, I’ve had these picture rails up for years, but periodically, I change out the art and photos, just to mix things up.  For the AJC photoshoot, I opted to add in some Atlanta touches and art, while still keeping some photos in the arrangement. 

I took one of my favorite little side tables and styled it with some cocktail making supplies and a few board games, since this really is the perfect spot to have a drink and play a game with friends.  

 Anytime I’m styling a room for a photo, I try to create a story with the space, and I found this vignette fit the bill beautifully!  I love how the bright turquoise hits your eye agains the taupe gray base wall color. This room has hits of blue in different spots, but the turquoise stands all on its own and just works!

Even though I don’t spend as much time in this room as I’d like, every time I pass through what we refer to as the 'piano room,' it makes me happy and just feels pulled together. Later this week we'll move onto a tiny but thoroughly used space...the pantry!