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My Home Tour is on The AJC!

It’s an exciting day for A Simpler Design! My feature in The AJC just posted on their website and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The photos taken by Christopher Oquendo are so colorful and do a beautiful job showcasing my love for all things vintage and bright! I like to think our home feels as vibrant as the photo gallery! I need to confirm which issue of the paper the article will be feature in [hopefully it didn’t come out already, otherwise I missed it!], but I’m guessing it could be in this Sunday’s paper, so keep an eye out! 

Here’s the Article!

Here’s the Gallery!

Here are a few shots from The AJC and links to the different pages I’m featured on. 


Thank you to Lori Johnston for writing such lovely words about my home and style!  I’m spending the rest of this day updating my website with all the recent photos taken for the feature, as well as the photos I took of my spaces. I’ve also been painting up a storm this week, and will be posting new pieces for sale in my shop soon! I hope starting the year off with this feature will give me the chance to work with more clients on creating beautiful spaces and adding some of my furniture to their homes. Contact me if you’d like to discuss any design or furniture work I can do for you!  It may be rainy [and possibly ‘snowy’] in Atlanta, but it’s all sunshine and rainbows for this girl today! Stay safe this weekend [especially if you’re up north] and Happy Friday! -Jo