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House Tour: Creating a Cozy and Functional Den

Continuing on the house tour, I'll bring you to a room that wasn't featured in the AJC article, but is still a favorite of mine! Back in December, I had one of those moments where I made an executive decision to single handedly move around quite a bit of furniture. I needed and wanted a change, and so change I did. This room, which used to be our guest room, in hours transformed into a den/exercise room.  Here’s what the guest room used to look like: One Guest Room, Two Ways.  Here’s an even older iteration of the room, back when it was my bedroom, pre-renovation: Throwback Thursday: Before & After Bedroom Transformation.  These days, the room looks a bit more like this:

When my mom and I are both out of the house, the dogs spend their time in this room.  Granted, we turn this plush, down sofa into their ‘bed’ by covering it up with a big quilt, but basically, it’s our dogs’ room. Since I’ve readjusted the layout of this space, I’ve really wanted to make better use of this room.

It’s the perfect spot to sit at the desk and quietly work [if I close off the room from my hoard of pets of course!]. 

I also like to grab my iPad and catch up on Netflix while having a go at the elliptical.  Truthfully, I’m not utilizing this space as much as I’d like, but it’s far more functional for us as a family than it was before. 

The art in this space is just a hodgepodge of different pieces I grabbed from around the house.  Some are thrift store finds, others are watercolors or acrylic paintings my aunt has painted over the years.  I love having a mix of mediums, textures and sizes of art on gallery walls and hung up around a room.  It allows the eye to take it all in as a whole, and then read into things a bit more once you give it a proper look.

This room still has an attached bathroom and is the one we send anyone visiting the house over to.  Though it’s not used often, I still wanted to tie it into its adjoining space. I did that by adding this West Elm shower curtain [one we got on clearance years ago, and completely forgot about!]. 

I was tempted to paint over the avocado green walls in this room [the paint color is actually called Retro Avocado by Behr!], but by running with the color scheme, and bringing in other pieces that tied it in, the room feels cohesive, stylish and yet serves as a functional in a variety of ways!  Next up is my mom's bedroom [and I ADORE the colors in this space!].