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House Tour: Adding Vintage & Colorful Touches to a Classic Kitchen

The love I have for my kitchen knows no bounds.  I spend ALL my time in here [and happily so!].  Between cooking [if you don’t know me, I’m a fairly avid cook and foodie!], working on my computer, hanging out with the dogs or chatting with friends, my life gravitates to this room. 

The kitchen didn’t require much styling for the AJC photoshoot, but as I write this post, I'm recalling all the little things I did to pull this space together. I decided to purchase a new pair of counter stools for the peninsula, and it was easily the best purchase I’ve made in a while! These chairs have a great mid century modern flair, and were a steal at around $200 for the pair.  They’re available in a variety of colors, but I opted for yellow since I wanted there to be a nice punch of color in this neutral space.

Following my new accent color, I injected hits of yellow in different parts of the room for the photoshoot. I didn’t have to purchase anything new, since if I root around long enough, I’ll find things that fit my styling bill.  

A yellow vase [the origins of which are completely unknown to me] paired with a crimson paper flower brightens up this vignette.

Adding in color can sometimes be found in unconventional places. The yellow from the orange juice I poured into a Bormioli Rocco carafe adds that same warm yellow to this spot, along with a tiny abstract oil painting [done by my aunt Sandra Torrijos].

This wall is one of my favorites in the entire house. For me, it’s the perfect collection of functional items and vintage touches [and generally pretty things!]. A vintage engineer’s shelf [I’m guessing this from the labels on it, but really don’t know for sure!] houses a collection of wooden spoons and ceramics, along with some air plants and succulents.

Of course, a bit more yellow finds it’s way on this wall, in the shape of vintage plates with old cars on it [I had these lying around, and they never really had a home until this shoot!]. I also added a new favorite print from Rifle Paper Co.  It’s actually a sweet thing to look at while washing my hands at the sink. A vintage hook from my last trip to Germany provides a perfect spot to hang a towel.

While the photographer was shooting the rest of the house, I hung out for a bit in the kitchen and had a cup of coffee while paging through a magazine.  I forgot to remove these things when it came time for me to shoot my own photos, but I actually like styling shoots with everyday items. It makes me feel like it’s a truly lived in space. Now, I’m not saying this coffee cup makes this photo come to life, but it reminds me that someone likes to sit in this spot and read.

This side of the kitchen I really didn't style at all.  I just tidied things up a bit and added my favorite tea towel [via Anthropologie]. The star of the shot is really the gorgeous honed marble tile backsplash and my beloved Wolf range. [it's magical!]

This photo gives a nice view of the contrast between the bolder green of the butler's pantry and the light neutral gray of the kitchen.  Though different in color and style, both spaces work well side by side.

This room feels so bright and energized after adding color to the space. At the same time, it's 'blank canvas' of classic, neutral details makes for a lovely place to cook and entertain and live. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful space, and I hope some of my styling tips can help bring some beauty to your kitchen!

Next, I’ll move into the bedrooms of the house, finishing off the first floor! I hope you’re enjoying these posts as much as I do!