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Testing New Colors: Annie Sloan Amsterdam Green Dresser

I've been painting furniture steadily for a few years now, and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has been my medium of choice year after year.  I've used most of the colors in her line, but typically I stick to neutrals and the more popular colors, since most often I'm painting furniture to sell, not to keep for personal use.  But occasionally I'm tempted to test the waters with a more unique shade.  When Annie Sloan launched a few new colors this fall, I saw Amsterdam Green and knew I needed it in my life!

The color is a stunning emerald green and looks so luxurious and rich. I painted two coats on my most recent dresser purchase and sanded it with a coarser grit along the edges and drawer details and a superfine grit paper on all the flat surfaces [see below].

I then rubbed on clear wax on everything, and then took a break from the dresser for a few days.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to add a deeper wax over it or not, so I basically totted around the drawers to various rooms in my house, deciding if I liked the color in different rooms and under varying lights. 

Ultimately, I decided to go back in with dark wax, rubbing it in with a white t-shirt rag.  I really love how the dark wax didn't sit evenly, and created more depth and dimension to the dresser. I didn't want the dark wax to completely change the color, and I find by not applying it exactly evenly, it allows the piece to look more custom and less generic. 

Amsterdam Green pairs beautifully with the original antiqued brass pulls, giving the dresser such a traditional, regal appeal. The areas where I distressed a bit more reveal the original wood tone and act as a highlight against the deep green.

I styled the dresser as a drinks buffet [it helps that I have dozens of apples sitting around in prep for Thanksgiving!], and it really would work perfectly as a serving buffet in a dining area. If your space has a formal dining space, a dresser especially in a beautiful accent color like this just makes a traditional space pop.

This photo does the best job of showing the variation and depth in Amsterdam Green. I imagine this would make anything feel more antique and opulent. I would love to paint a set of spindled chairs in this color.  I think the green combined with some heavy distressing and dark wax would look incredible.

I'm excited to style this dresser for the holiday season [if it doesn't sell before then!].  I'm about to post it for sale in my shop and on Craigslist, so do keep an eye out for it.  If you'd like a piece custom painted in this gorgeous green [or any other color!], contact me! I'd love to work with you!