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Before and After: Distressed White Dresser to a Bright Turquoise

I like to think personal style evolves over time. There's an ebb and flow to how we dress and what we like to surround ourselves with. I used to have a much more traditional, neutral aesthetic.  Over the years, things became much more eclectic with a nod towards modern and I've had more fun experimenting with color.  Right now, I'm probably an amalgam of it all, and that's okay by me! This dresser I painted for a client is a perfect example of personal style changing over time.

My client had purchased the dresser a few years prior, and loved the neutral color and heavy distressing of this piece. It's quintessential 'shabby chic' style, which is still very popular. I'm sure plenty of people will see this post and think why in the world would I paint such a beauty? But for my client, this style no longer suited her current taste.

Though she still loves neutrals and pieces that feel a bit worn and aged, this piece just didn't suit the design style she was going for in her young daughter's bedroom.  The room has neutral walls and carpeting, and having a nice pop of color would help liven up the space, while also helping to modernize a traditional French Provincial dresser. 

I did distress the piece just enough to give it that antique feel, but significantly dialed it back.  I focused only on the edges and any details [like the floral appliqué pictured below], just to add a contrast to the turquoise shade. 

The color of this piece has such a vibrance that I really love. I used just about equal measures of Annie Sloan's Florence and Pure White to create this exact shade.  At first, I tried to use Provence as the base shade, but I found it pulled too blue, and looked a bit washed out under artificial lighting.  Florence has a lot more green in it, so whether it's sunny, cloudy, day or night, I found the dresser still retained its vibrancy. 

I can't wait to see the piece placed in its new home!  The heavily distressed white dresser was the little one's changing table, and now with a new move and a new room, the dresser is evolving with its family and their aesthetic. My client still plans to change out the hardware to something more modern and in a gold finish, which will make this piece look even more outstanding, but for now, I'm still so happy with how it turned out.  Contact me if you have a piece you need transformed or have questions about how to recreate this look!