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Cozy Target Throws You Need in Your Life

The title of this post is self explanatory. No matter where you live, no matter how few [zero?] or how many [double digits like I do!] you may already have, everyone can always use another throw in their life. [last minute holiday gifts anyone?!] In the past my winter cozy obsession revolved around pillows [as you may recall the massive pillow haul from last year], but 2016 has most definitely become 'the year of the throw.'  Some refer to them as blankets, but a throw more specifically is on a smaller scale.  Blankets are meant to be used on beds, so they typically come in bed sizes [twin, full, queen, king].  Throws can come in varying sizes, but most are around 50" x 60". When I'm purchasing one, I do try and find ones that are a bit longer than standard, since I tend to mummify myself whilst snuggled up on the sofa. As much as I'd love to invest in really luxurious blankets and throws [just imagine a cocoon of cashmere or lambs wool!], going for high end fabrics is highly impractical.  I have truckloads of pets [well...four] and the dogs and cats are treated better in my house than the humans are, so everyone gets to take part in the cozy comfort of the throw.  These days, I almost exclusively shop at Target for blankets and throws, since they're so affordable [the ones mentioned below are all under $35!] and every one I've purchased washes well [a necessity when they're used as much by the furry creatures in my life as they are by me!].  


Each of the throws I selected are in varying fabrics and sizes. I love combining different throws on a sofa or bed, since it adds a bit of texture and interest. My all time favorite from this list is number three.  It doesn't look like much in the photo from Target, but it feels lovely and has a beautiful dual toned faux fur look to it.  The best part is, this material comes in both throw size and larger blanket sizes, so it can fit any and every situation you need them for.  For me, we purchased the full/queen size and it acts as a cover for our velvet sofa. That way, all the wonderful shedding my dogs do ends up mostly on the blanket and can easily be thrown into the wash.  Kona my lab mix who is currently shedding her entire coat [a real treat for everyone involved!] is loving life on her Target blanket [this one is number three!], and the only time she leaves this spot is to go outside [only briefly] or to follow me up to my bed at the end of the day, where she gets to sleep on a separate selection of comfy blankets and throws.  She really does lead a charmed life!

Some prefer a more faux fur feel like I do. Others are partial to the softness of chenille [the top gray one below], while most seem to love the chunky knits best [they do look and feel like you're wrapped up in your favorite sweater!].  No matter the style, find a cozy throw [or three] and incorporate them into your everyday style!