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Mountain Modern Style: Plaid Headboards [+DIY your own!]

It's the holidays, so I want everything to feel warm and cozy and plaid and log cabin-y. I want to envision myself in a gorgeous ski chalet, nestled up to the fireplace [preferably with a plaid flannel wearing man..!].  Then again, I live in Atlanta, where it's not exactly snowy, and there are no nearby ski chalets for me.  But maybe, just maybe I could make my house feel a bit more like a mountain house, with a modern feel. I was sifting through one of my favorite sites to shop on for clients, Lulu & Georgia, and saw the glory that is this black and white plaid bed [pictured below]. I want. I need. I have to have you in my life.  

But alas, this bed is pushing $1000 [though they do have a great discount on the entire site that ends today, so do check out their site for holiday gifts!]. I own a very lovely bed as it is, and I can't ever picture that bed leaving my second floor. There's also the very likely possibility that though I'm craving all things plaid right now, I may get tired of plaid-palooza after a few months. The solution? Get this look for less, and recreate so it doesn't have to be a permanently plaid fixture in your home!

The nice thing about having an upholstered headboard is it can be fairly easy to recover it in a different fabric.  Amazon and other sites sell headboard rather inexpensively [I believe the upholstered one I have in my guest room was under $200]. Buy a blanket large enough to cover your headboard [doesn't have to cover the back, but should be enough to at least wrap around.  For a casual, quick restyle, you can simply drape the blanket over the back of the headboard and affix it with some safety pins.  If you're wanting a more fitted, semi-permanent effect, pick up an industrial stapler, hole the fabric taught, starting from one end and working your way around until you cover the entire piece.  Here's a post I did transforming my bright chevron headboard into a much more subdued, beachy look! There are endless plaid blankets out there, but I really liked the print on this one from Orvis.  I prefer a larger block pattern when it comes to plaid, but choose any plaid you like! It also looks to be a nice thickness, and is large enough to cover any size headboard [again just measure your headboard to double check!].