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House Tour: Bright and Colorful Great Room

In taking you through my house, I realized I forgot a crucial part of the tour! I took you into my kitchen, but neglected to note the adjoining space which is easily the most used room by the entire family [dogs and cats included]. Adding on a great room was the biggest [and best!] transformation to the house.

I tried to create an open, inviting space that worked in conjunction with the kitchen. Since I spend so much time cooking and photographing food, it's nice to have a spot where I can interact with anyone else at home, bet it family or friends [but again, mostly I hang out with a pair of dogs and cats...].

I never really used my original dining room [now the 'piano room'] for entertaining or serving food, so integrating a dining space was a real treat for me.  I designed it to have built in banquettes, since storage is top dog in this house. I've always loved the idea of a banquette, and though it's not quite done [one day I'd like to have extra plush cushions made for the ultimate in comfort!], it's a spot all of us enjoy and get so much use out of.

I styled the table simply with some vases from West Elm [love the post Christmas sales!], another spot of yellow [in the wiley craspedia], and candles for good measure.

Since I don't have fancy custom cushions, I opted for a smattering of pillows that I change out periodically, mostly based on my mood.  My dog pillow is naturally a staple in this house!

A couple years back I painted our entertainment center, since before it was quite dark and too traditional for my taste.  I love how the bright and light teal-blue stands out in the room.

I never quite know how to style the top of the entertainment center.  Since our ceilings are so tall, it really requires something up there, otherwise it feels unbalanced.  I recently acquired a couple new prints, and so I leaned those up there alongside my vintage printers drawer.  A few other colorful bits, glass containers, and dried eucalyptus complete the set.

My one gripe with this piece is I'm not a massive fan of cluttering bookcases with lots of objects.  I certainly have enough to load them up, but it's honestly distracting to have too much going around the TV, so for now, I keep things simple with random white objects.  I like the mixture of animals and pottery, and keeping the color palette monotone keeps things clean and uncluttered to the eye.

My Eames-esque [I believe it's made by Plyrcraft] chair is a beloved find of mine [the AJC article discusses this!], and I moved it here from my studio for the photoshoot.  I love having it here, so it's sticking around. 

I've spend years hemming and hawing about what to place above the sliding french doors, and finally after our recent trip to Hawaii, I picked up a trio of vintage inspired prints depicting scenes of Maui.  I hung them up for the photo shoot, but I'm so glad to have this once unused space filled with something that brings me happy memories of my second home [I mean, I don't have a 'home home' in Maui, but Hawaii will always feel like home!].

My favorite vignette in the whole house is my custom built in bookcase.  I love seeing the original brick wall from where the house once ended, and it's really just the perfect spot to house my colorful collection of books and objects. Some have asked, NO I didn't buy all these books based on their colors! You would be surprised to find when you try and organize your own collection of books in color order, you'll quickly find you too have a rainbow of books!  I hope that gives you a bit of a taste of one of the more colorful parts of my home.  Back to bedrooms and other parts of the house later in the week!