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House Tour: Master Bathroom Details

It's not everyday I give people a tour of my bathroom, but since I did tidy it up for these photos, I thought why not share it?  The rest of the bathrooms in the house are quite small, so having a space with a large shower, a separate tub and a sizable vanity has been a dream! 

I've never been a big bath taker, and honestly I really haven't used this beautiful claw foot tub nearly as much as I should, but for Christmas I got some deliciously scented bath bombs from Lush, so I'm making a point to take more baths and some 'treat yo-self' time! 

Everything in this bathroom is in shades of blue and faint green and it really feels so spa like. The tile I used in the entire bathroom was surprisingly affordable [from The Tile Shop], but looks SO luxurious!  I love spending time getting ready in here before going out since it feels like I'm in my own little boutique hotel!

With the styling of things, I kept everything very natural and simple.  I love my wispy little air plant tucked into a shell beside my bath. The small shelves I had put into the tile are perfect for setting down my coffee in the morning [or a glass of wine at night!].

My favorite part about this bathroom is the lighting, both during the day and at night. In the daytime, the skylight above the bathroom fills the space with natural light and at night, there are a total of six sconces in varying styles that light up the space.  I hate overhead lighting in most situations, and using sconces just felt more special and a bit romantic. [not to mention, everyone just looks so much better in this sort of light!]

On the bathroom countertop, I try to keep things minimal. For the shoot, I did a few succulents, shells and ceramics, but most of the time I just keep my hair and cleansing products here.

On the other side of the countertop are some of my perfumes, and a little vintage dish with my rings.  I don't wear much jewelry [really I have the same necklace and the same couple pairs of earrings on at all times!] but I do love my rings.  Tinkerbell occasionally makes an appearance in my bathroom!

The less pretty, but more practical part of my bathroom are these built in shelves tucked behind the shower. Here I have baskets with necessities like toilet paper, my makeup bags, and my jewelry [again, most of which I don't even wear...really need to up my jewelry wearing game I suppose!]. 

My makeup vanity is the most coveted spot in this room, and I can't say enough how much I love having a dedicated spot for all my makeup! 

Just beside the shower I have a spot to hang my towels. Styling again was simple with a paper flower [love love love my Amaranthus Paper & Flora!] in a vase.

It was tricky to get a proper photo of my shower, since the glass door reflects everything! [as glass does] I have all my shower necessities tucked into custom sized shelves [another must do if you ever have the chance to to a bathroom renovation!]. 

My bathroom is weirdly one of my favorite spots in the house.  It's a departure from my typical design style, but I like that it feels like a bit of a getaway for me!  Next we'll move our way into the 'guest suite,' which is definitely a departure in style!