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House Tour: Creating a Serene Bedroom Getaway

This is the room I spend the least amount of time in, but I'm most envious of! It's the one room in the house that feels tucked away from the rest.  I don't exactly know what it is. It could be the calming blue on the walls [Sherwin Williams Hazel] or the serene color palette of the furniture and fabrics.  Either way, this room [which happens to be my mother's room!] feels like the perfect getaway.

The first piece you see in the space is this large sideboard I painted in the lightest shade of gray.  Though it seems like a big piece of furniture for a small room, I find it suits the space well.  She used to have a desk in this room, which was smaller in scale, but deeper and dark in color.  The desk just felt heavy in the space, while this sideboard [which mind you provides TONS of storage] doesn't overpower the room.

For the whole house photoshoot, we picked up a new set of curtains from West Elm.  Both my mom and I have curtain issues.  We never seem satisfied with the curtains we hang, and play a game of 'musical curtains' all over the house.  When we purchased these though, they blended in with her decor instantly! They are quite a large pattern, but they read a bit more like a texture and balance out the bolder color of the walls.

In keeping with the blue theme, I styled her bed with more goodies from West Elm [as I mentioned before, they do fantastic sales at the start of the year, which I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of!].  If we're being real, no, she doesn't place the throw effortlessly at the foot of her bed with a seagrass tray of magazines.  

The pillows have become a staple in her room and I really like the glint of silver in her pillows. The silver inspiration came from the duvet [also West Elm] that has very subtle silver threaded across it. I just can't get enough of a sumptuous, white duvet like this! Styling trick: for an extra plush looking bed, insert not one but TWO comforters inside your duvet.  It makes your bed look extra luxurious!

This chair normally lives in our great room, but since I moved my Eames-style lounger in that space, I decided to move one half of this pair elsewhere, and the color and scale of it works nicely in this bedroom. No frilly styling here, just a new pillow cover [West Elm] in a solid nubby blue fabric. It brings out the hint of bold blue found in her rug [from FLOR].

Serenity is rediscovered through the use of succulents, natural colors found in wooden bowls and glass. I also styled the space with candles [she won't light them, but they do add a nice fragrance to the room anyway!]. There's a cool, botanical theme going on and I like it!

When you need some height, but don't have tall things to place, just stack a few books beneath a vase and voila, height and a bit of interest!

Like I mentioned, no one really lives with their room fully styled, and this lovely tray on her bed didn't stick around for long, but I like the idea of keeping a beautiful tray filled with my favorite magazines on my bed.  [My bed, sadly is only filled with puppies and kittens and their accompanying fur, sigh]

On her other dresser [I'm still amazed she can fit two sizable pieces in this room, and it doesn't feel cramped!], I styled it with her makeup essentials [that's basically ALL her makeup...if only my vanity looked as clean!], a trio of my aunt's art and some family photos. I really do love how her room turned out and I find any excuse to plop myself on her bed and just soak in all the quiet serenity!

I've been working hard to stay on top of this blogging business, and with some success! This weekend will be a busy working one for me [but not ALL work...I will save room for the fun!]. Happy Friday! -Jo