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Studio Progress: One Week Later!

It's nothing short of incredible what can happen in one week! Since the last time I posted, the studio was insulated, drywall was hung, mudded, taped and sanded, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were installed, and a massive ditch was dug surrounding our entire lot in order to house the electrical and plumbing lines. Just in case you're not familiar with what all this looks like, I included a series of photos taken over the last week. [see below!]

As of this morning, the plumbing pipes were set, the gigantic ditch is currently being filled in [thank goodness!], all the wood trim was installed, and [hopefully!] the tile guy is on his way to work his magic. Tomorrow, the painters are going to get cracking on the interior and exterior, so by the start of next week, things will start to look really polished!

At the rate we're going, we could easily be done in the next week and a half, but unfortunately countertops seem to take FOREVER, so they'll likely not get installed until the first week of May, which means the backsplash can't be installed until then, the vent hood can't be hung, and all the last finishing touch ups will have to wait. Sigh.

The bright side is [because I need to stay positive about everything otherwise I'll go MAD!] this gives me an extended period of time to work on painting the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity and sliding barn door. I've made some final design choices/adjustments that are a bit different from my last post, but I'll wait until next week to share those bits with you!  In the meantime, scroll through the construction progress photos and have a happy Friday! -Jo