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Building a Backyard Studio: From a Gravel Pit to a Tiny House!

I'm so excited to take you on my backyard studio construction adventure! If you're a friend of mine, there's a good chance you've already witnessed the rapid progression of my studio via Instagram and Facebook. I've taken photos every day of the progress. When I went to grab a series of them for this post, I was so thankful for my trigger happy tendencies! It's so satisfying to scroll through and see the progression!

Construction began in the third week of March and now in the first week of April, the rough ins for plumbing and electrical are done, the windows and doors are all in, the roof is on and all inspections are approved! From this point forward, all the 'pretty' things will begin: the siding is being delivered today and will be installed tomorrow. The drywall will hopefully go up as early as this Saturday. At this point the space will begin to feel finished and my interior design and painting chops will come into full swing! Next, I'll share some of the interior planning I've done so far, and some of the details I've already ordered for the space!

March 17th!

April 4th!