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Studio Progress Update: The Home Stretch!

It's unbelievable how much progress can happen in just three weeks! The construction crew has worked tirelessly to get the studio done, and I'm constantly hearing from friends how shocked they are at how fast the studio has come together.  Having any renovation or new build move efficiently is solely based on the crew you hire and the amount of work you're willing to devote to the project.  Being a furniture painter and designer, I've naturally got a great deal invested in my own personal spaces!

I wanted the kitchen and really the studio as a whole to be a testament to my work as a painter and designer.  I opted to paint the kitchen and bathroom cabinets myself, along with the sliding barn door. The color choices in the main space are entirely neutral, but in contrasting shades and textures, allowing everything to coordinate while still providing a 'blank slate' for the changing pieces of furniture that will make their way through the doors each week. On the exterior, the path leading to the studio is currently being finished. It's probably the most important part of the construction process, since I can't really bring any furniture or clients in until the path is complete.

Tomorrow a cleaning crew is coming in to ready the studio and on Monday our 'finisher' guy will make all the final touch ups to the walls, adjust a few items on my punch list and paint a final coat or two on the floors.  The very last item to go in is the shower door this Tuesday morning, but I can guarantee I'll be moving in immediately after! I've still got work to do on the space, but until I start moving in, there are still a few design choices up in the air. I'll FINALLY start having consistent time to work on my blog again, take on new design clients and get the furniture business back into full swing.  It's such an exciting time here, and I hope to continue sharing the entire process with you! Here are a few more photos I just took this morning, to give you a sense of what the current state of affairs looks like [and it's not looking too shabby if I do say so myself!]  Happy Friday friends! -Jo