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Before[ish] & After: White Waxed French Provincial Nightstand

This is the first time in nearly three years I haven't been painting furniture on the regular. My interior design business has been picking up, so painting has taken a back seat for a bit.  It's also been unusually HOT [we're talking mid 90s humid hot, bleh] all June, so any motivation to hunt for and move large pieces of furniture has vanished! No matter how many excuses I give for my lack of painting, one thing still remains.  I love, love, LOVE to work on furniture! I'm in withdrawal.  I NEED to find new pieces to work on in my free time. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd share my latest completed piece that I'll be posting for sale.  It's a little French Provincial nightstand. It's hard to ever say no to this style of furniture, since it paints up so effortlessly. 

This time though, there was a bit more effort than usual.  I meant to finish this in Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue, but when I painted it, the top was being awfully finicky. The color was splotchy and I couldn't quite repair the problem with my usual techniques. Sigh. I also forgot to snap a before photo of the nightstand [standard!], but did take a progress photo of the blue coat [you can also see the original state of it on the far right drawer.

So rather than try and fight the imperfections, I embraced them! I messily went over the Duck Egg Blue in Graphite, not completely covering the blue. I then roughly sanded down everything, exposing more of the blue.

It looked a little too haphazard for my tastes after this step, so rather than using clear wax to coat it, I created a white wax using a bit of Old White and Annie Sloan's clear soft wax.  Since I worked on this, Annie came out with a ready to go white wax AND black wax. As soon as I have a new piece to work on, I'm snapping those up so I can give them a proper review.  Can't wait!

I love using a small chip brush to brush on white wax. It gives the surface a striated texture and allows the base color to peek through. I'm so happy I opted to paint directly over the hardware for this piece. The white wax perfectly highlights the intricate detailing of the drawer pulls. I've done my fair share of French Provincial nightstands in my time, but this is by far my favorite paint and wax combination! I've used this on other styles of furniture before, but it really suits French Provincial. Check back to my shop to see this beautiful nightstand posted for sale!