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New Design Studio Interior is Complete!

I can't believe it's only been about three months since we broke ground on my new design studio. It's crazy to think just a few months ago none of this existed! As soon as the structure was completed in May, I moved things in rather quickly and since then I've been busy with new clients and design work. I didn't have time to properly style the space and take photos, but this weekend,  I decided it was about time share what the studio looks like! 

The studio is an open floor plan, which makes it a really flexible space for whatever I need.  In these photos, it's styled for my interior design needs, and also allows me to do any photography work.

I've been doing a TON of food photography in preparation for my second website [check it out here], so having my vintage French bistro table set up is perfect for that sort of work.  The set folds up easily, and if I need room to work on a big piece of furniture, I can just fold it up and place everything outside and throw down a drop cloth.

The studio isn't always for work. I love using it as a retreat space away from the main house.  I love having a couple friends over to just relax and chat. We all cozy up on the bed that I fashioned as a gigantic 'sofa' with a ton of throw pillows [#pillowgoals]. It's unbelievably comfortable and I spend a lot of time reading and listening to music in this spot.  My beloved mid century desk is still the one spot where I get the most work done [I spend FAR too much time editing photos here!].

Right off the front door, I house all my painting supplies [I realized I didn't actually get a photo of my cubby storage, but I'm planning on doing a workshop organization post, so I'll show it off then!]. I also placed several cork circles on the wall [several fell down since I used an old set of 3M strips, and they were not so sticky, whoops!] and it's a great spot to tack up inspiration photos, recipes and art. The beautiful painting you see is one of my favorites from my aunt who is an artist [some of her pieces and prints are available for sale in my shop!]. 

The kitchen is by far my favorite part of the studio. It's my baby, and is the first kitchen I was able to design all at once and from scratch. Our main home's kitchen is beautiful and so functional, but it came together piece by piece over several years, and there are still some bits I'd like to change.  This kitchen is the perfect small space single wall kitchen for me.  It has a surprising amount of storage and countertop space and is incredibly functional, but is also quite stylish and polished. I love the combination of deep gray cabinets [painted by me!], white countertops [Silestone in Snowy Ibiza] and gorgeous marble herringbone backsplash. 

I'll post more about these chairs soon [they're a new find and I just reupholstered them myself this past week], but it's wonderful having a spot to sit and grab a magazine [and my oh my, do I have magazines!] or chat with a client.  I've yet to have clients over here, just because I've been meeting at their homes, but I'm so excited to bring new clients over and chat about design.

I'll share more photos of the bathroom soon, as I wasn't able to get great ones with either my DSLR or my iphone, but here's a peek of the bathroom. The mint green I painted the vanity and mirror in is an absolute dream color for me, and it's such a fun pop of color in a mostly neutral studio.

I could go on and on about every single detail I love about the studio, and I'm sure I will in more posts to come, but feel free to scroll through the rest of my photos of the space. I really do love this studio.  It's so creatively inspiring for me and the open floor plan has come in so handy for a variety of needs [including becoming my main workout space in the hot summer months!].