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Before and After: Living Room and Dining Room Re-Style

Last week I finished up a styling project [my FAVORITE type of project to tackle!]. My client had already purchased all the large furniture pieces for the room. She brought me in to give her living room and dining room a finished, cohesive style.  For my friends who aren't familiar with design, it can be confusing for them when tell them I was given a budget to style a space that already has all the furniture in place. I figured by sharing some before and after photos of this space, it'll help show my friends and readers just how much styling and placement of decor can really impact a space!  I took SO many photos and I'd love to break down the styling process, but I think I'll save the details for a second post, since we all know I could ramble on for AGES about this space!  It's Friday, and we should be celebrating the weekend, not sitting and reading about interior design! [we'll save that for next week!]  Happy Friday! -Jo