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It's Okay to Repaint! Sprucing up a pair of nightstands with gray paint and white wax

There are times where I'll experiment with new paint colors, and the results aren't quite what I expected. Luckily, I genuinely enjoy the process of painting, so I've never regretted any projects I've worked on. That being said, there are times I'm not 100 percent happy with the results. This pair of nightstands was one such instance. The photo below is of the pair after I repainted it in a light gray and sealed it with Annie Sloan's new white wax. These are simple pieces, and aren't screaming any particular era of design, so I knew gray would suit these, just like the little black dress you know will work time and again.

But before I repainted, I had originally finished these in Annie Sloan's Country Gray.  It was a color I hadn't tried before, but the photos of pieces I'd seen in Country Gray looked lovely, and I've really never met a gray I didn't like.  Only to my surprise, this gray didn't really feel gray at all! The nightstands ended up being a very much beige color, something I'm not a fan of. [see below]

As you can see, the nightstands don't read as a gray. I may have missed the mark when reading the description of Country Gray, so I don't blame the color in any way [but that name is a bit decieving!]. As I looked at more pieces painted in this color, I saw that it did suit to a more farmhouse, rustic style of furniture and simply didn't work with these nightstands.

Since I wasn't thrilled about the outcome but wasn't keen on repainting them straight away, I held onto the pair and ended up using them in the staging of a home last year. The color worked quite nicely with the other colors in this beige/taupe room. They then ended up in a guest bedroom of my house until recently.  When I decided to rearrange things in the house a bit [as I do every few months!], I decided it was time the pair needed a spruce up, and I knew that beige would just never work with my personal style. 

I've re-listed this pair for sale, since I'm not really in need of nightstands at the moment, but they're currently living in my mom's bedroom and this updated gray fits perfectly with the colors in her room, and could easily move anywhere in my house and work well!