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Quick Ikea Transformation: Bookcase Doubles as Headboard

If I'm being honest I never buy Ikea furniture these days. That being said, the quality has vastly improved over the years, and for certain situations, a lot of Ikea pieces can be a great option! But my love for vintage has steered me away from Ikea...ntil now that is! A friend of mine was getting rid of her old Ikea bookcase, and it suited a project I wanted to try out.

The bookcase was in a black stain and was scratched up, so I knew I would to paint it to make it feel a bit more custom. As the title of this post suggests, I wanted to keep this transformation quick. Since open bookcases like this one are quite a pain to paint [all those nooks have SO many edges and faces that take FOREVER to paint!], I decided to only paint the top, sides and front edging. 

I wanted to use a color that contrasted nicely with the dark interior, so I went with Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue. It looks blue in these photos and in person, but in certain lights Duck Egg can read more like a soft green.  It took me no time to paint, sand and wax the bookcase. Had I opted to paint the interior of the bookcase, I'd estimate the process taking two to three times as long! [no thank you!]

A bookcase like this provides a ton of storage. Whether you're wanting to have a spot for all your books, or plan to keep a mixture of decorative objects and practical items, a piece like this can be really versatile. 

I decided to test out how it would perform as a headboard, since a recurring trend I hear about is the lack of storage friends of mine have and how furniture that can be multifunctional is a great option for small spaces. To 'transform' this into a headboard, I left all my styling bits in place, and simply moved the bed in front of the bookcase.

This bookcase is just the right length for a full size bed. There's just enough room to access storage on either side, and the top provides the perfect spot to place lamps on either side of the bed, as well as a few more decorative bits and any nightstand necessities.

Is it the most comfortable surface to lean back on? No, I wouldn't say so.  But with the addition of an extra long body pillow, it softened the surface nicely.  Plus, if you're anything like me, you'll have at least half a dozen pillows on your bed to create a cushioned oasis. Keep an eye out in my shop, as I'll likely list this guy for sale sometime this week!