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Shopping Craigslist [under $150]: Creating an Eclectic, Retro Space

Today was meant to be a productive day spent working on a new buffet I picked up. Unfortunately, my knee was giving me grief this morning, so instead I spent the day trolling Craigslist! [perfectly acceptable swap, I'm sure] I wasn't eyeing anything particular, merely making a list of anything that seemed worth a second look.

This bright red bench is a bit odd, but I think it would make such a fun piece in someone's mudroom! For $139, I might haggle a little, but if it's in good shape and doesn't need paint, I'd go for it!

This bamboo style dining table is really a gorgeous retro find. The top looks to be in impeccable condition and has a gorgeous diamond shaped wood grain. I actually love the yellow/citrine color of the base, but again, easily paintable if you'd prefer something not as bold.  

I always have a stockpile of mirrors from dressers I've purchased, but often their style or scale just doesn't work. This pair, on the other hand is ideal! Their design allows them to be hung either vertically or horizontally, and they're gorgeous as is, or could be painted. Their simple lines allow them to work in virtually any decor, and having a pair is a real find.  Pairs are great because they can be hung to give symmetry and balance to a space. They're $80 for the pair, which I think isn't bad considering their size and they're ready to hang!

This chair is a steal at only $40, but it would be one to test out for sure.  I love chairs, but there's nothing worse than an uncomfortable one! If this one sits well, I'd pick it up without question.  An armchair like this can easily snuggle up next to any sofa, or is perfect for a corner in your bedroom. 

Okay, this coffee table is a bit quirky and has a laminate top [which is practical but not aesthetically pleasing!]. But bear with me. It's mid century and that unappealing top could easily be refreshed with a coat of pain. Since it's retro, you can really go with any color that suits your taste, bold or subtle- up to you!

You'd be surprised how often I use a single chair in my photography! I have a thing for chairs, and I love ones with character and a unique quality.  This chair is simple, but it's nod to mid century style makes it a great buy. A chair like this can be used at a desk, but I like placing a single chair beside a large piece of furniture [a dresser or a buffet, for instance] since it just breaks up the space a bit. You could recover the cushion easily, but if it's in good shape, I'd say this is a great little buy!

Everyone needs/wants/loves a bar cart! If you have the space for one, they're a nice touch in any gathering space, and ones on wheels like this make it easy to roll into whatever space you're entertaining in. The cool, retro factor of this one alone warrants the purchase.  Chrome adds a nice reflective quality to any room. For $100, I think that's pretty reasonable [like with anything, make sure to see it in person first to make sure there's no damage].