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Regal in Blue: Pairing Annie Sloan's Black Wax with Napoleonic Blue

I'm continuing to be impressed with all the new products I've tried in the Annie Sloan collection.  This is the second piece I've completed using her Black Wax. It's a custom piece painted for a friend/client of mine, and I'm having serious buffet envy right now!


This buffet was an absolute find.  It's rare I run into a reasonably priced Henredon piece [they're a really high quality furniture maker], so when I came across this one, I was sold. I can't seem to find the before pictures I took [will add them in once I do] nor did I take proper photos of the interior of the buffet. It's got three drawers in the center, and each side opens with an adjustable shelf. 

Since most of her home has neutral tones: woods, whites, beige walls, I knew I wanted to interject some color into the space. Her curtains are a botanical print and have a hits of red, blue and green. Since she already had a pair of arm chairs in a red fabric, I suggested bringing in some blue in the dining area.

I went with Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue, since it's a gorgeous royal blue. It can read slightly juvenile when finished with clear wax, so I like to go with dark wax anytime I'm working with this color.  However, since I was eager to use the new black wax again, and she was wanting more of a navy hue for the piece, I thought this was the perfect project piece!

This buffet had a lot of texture and though sturdy, was well loved. Rather than try to hide all the 'imperfections, I opted to run with the vintage patina and worked the paint into it using brush strokes in varying directions.

I also brushed the black wax on with a small brush, which allowed the wax to deepen the brighter blue, while still letting hints of it peek through.  The wax also gave all the gold accents a beautiful burnished effect.

What I love about Annie Sloan paints is they feel organic and transform depending on the time of day and the way the light hits it, natural or not. In my naturally bright studio, the brighter blues really shine through, but at night, it feels much more like a true deep navy. 

For this shoot, I styled the piece with my favorite painting by my aunt. I know I've used here more than a few times, but it's just such a versatile piece, and the blues blended effortlessly with this buffet! I threw in a few colorful books [my vintage copy of Catcher in the Rye is always a go to styling prop!], some vintage brown bottles and an asian vase. We're nearly into fall, but these gorgeous fresh flowers in bright pinks, greens and purples was screaming for a feature! 

I'm waiting to deliver this beauty and can't wait to get it into her space and style it with her own personal touches. I can't rave about this color and wax combination enough.  It's nothing short of stunning in person!