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My Go-To Chalk Paint Combination: Annie Sloan's French Linen and Graphite

When it comes to furniture, I'm all about experimenting with new paint colors an creating custom combinations to get that perfect shade. Annie Sloan chalk paint makes the mixing process effortless.  There are certain pairings that just work perfectly and the mixture of French Linen and Graphite has become my go-to combination.

Separately, French Linen and Graphite are beautiful in their own right.  French Linen is a lovely warm gray with a good bit of khaki mixed in.  In certain lights, it leans more towards a taupe, but it gives anything painted in it a classic, timeless look.   

Graphite on the other hand, is quite dark and bold. It has the look of a slab of slate after it's been in the rain. It has hints of blue in it, which make it a much more cool toned shade than French Linen. 

When I add French Linen to Graphite, I find the warm taupe cancels out some of the blue. When using just about equal parts of both colors, the result is a neutral mid tone gray.  

My photos make this piece appear a bit more cool, but in person, it's the perfect tried and true gray shade that works with nearly any style or piece of furniture.

With this particular piece, I wanted some of the beautiful vintage details of the dresser to be highlighted. Since the dresser was painted a cool white before, the contrast of the mid toned gray against the white detailing works nicely. The rope and bow details are something I don't see as often these days, so it's always fun for me to paint something a bit more unique!

The paint job done to the piece previously was quite textured, so I kept in line with that, showcasing the rustic quality of the piece without going too overboard on the distressing. 

The dresser was my client's from when she was little, and her goal was to have this keepsake from her childhood work with her current aesthetic and have a more 'grown up' feel.

She provided me with gorgeous large scale knobs that are also a mid tone gray, but with beautiful orange and gold details that contrast nicely to the deeper toned dresser.  This piece now feels much more versatile, and could work styled with modern decor and brighter colors, or a more subdued vintage inspired palette.