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Beautiful Places: New York Public Library

I find design inspiration in all sorts of places. Anytime I travel, my eyes are immediately drawn to two things: nature and architecture.  On my recent visit to New York, it's pretty clear which of the two made more of an impact. [though I did have a nice stroll through Central Park for my nature fix!] 

New York is a stunning combination of history and modernity. 

One moment I was in the heart of the financial district, surrounded by gleaming new buildings, glass and steel reflecting and refracting in every direction.

As much as I appreciate the new, where I feel most at home is surrounded by the old. 

Walking into the 5th Avenue branch of the New York Public Library felt like I was traveling back in time.   

It's a timeless piece of architecture that's teeming with information and history.  

I loved it so much, we stopped there twice on our trip! When New York comes to mind, most of us first think of all the skyscrapers, but for me, the library is so emblematic of this city. 

Libraries have always been a sacred space for me.  

I was a voracious reader as a child, and spent many days in my local public library in Queens, and most Saturdays at the Central Library in Brooklyn.  

I could easily fill a book with all my commentary about my life in libraries, along with my visit to the 5th Avenue branch. 

The best way to experience it is through the photos I took [this was a moment I HIGHLY regretted not bringing my DSLR camera, since the iPhone just didn't do this place justice!].  

But really, anyone who appreciates architecture, design, history, literature, or just wants to discover some of the best places in New York, I insist you spend some time at the New York Public Library.