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Mixing Complementary Colors to Create the Perfect Gray

I weirdly love when I get to the bottom of a can of paint.  I hate to waste even a drop of perfectly good paint, so combining the dregs of a few different cans to see what new colors I can come up with is always fun for me! 

That's how I got to this lovely, warm shade of gray.  As soon as I saw this pair of Henredon nightstands, I knew I wanted to keep them on the more traditional scale of the color spectrum.

At first I had in mind they would look fantastic in Annie Sloan's Graphite with a dark or black wax finish, but I was down to just a few tablespoons of Graphite left.  I have so many half used or nearly spent cans of paint, it seemed like a crime to go pick up another can.

I'm fairly familiar with mixing colors to create varied shades, but watching this video by the queen of chalk paint herself gave me a great jumping off point on this project! In the video, she quickly shows how taking complementary colors and mixing them create an entirely new color.  

If you mix a warm color with a cool color, and they're directly opposite on the color wheel, they'll create beautiful shades of black and gray. 

I wish I could tell you the exact combination of colors it took to make this particular gray, but there were quite a few thrown into the mix! I had some already custom mixes of a few greens, combined those with some Burgandy and Arles [a deep red and a mustard yellow] and managed by what feels like magic to achieve this beautifully warm mid tone gray.

As you can see close up, the gray works perfectly with the vintage brass drawer pulls and the subtle distressing along the edges of the nightstands.

This pair is now available for sale in my shop, and is the perfect classic set for any bedroom! If you're interested in them or having something custom painted, I'd love to hear from you!