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Painting in Lilac: Annie Sloan's Henrietta Chalk Paint

I've been working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products for years now, so I was surprised to find there are still a few colors I hadn't tried from her collection! Recently, my mom offered to pick up paint for me and I when asked her to grab something I hadn't tried, she went for Henrietta!


I would describe Henrietta as a a bright lilac shade, with a bit of a red/pink undertone. I already know this color will look stunning when lightened with white, but I wanted to work with this color in its pure form.


I had a chair from my childhood vanity that was looking a little dingy, so it became my guinea pig for my first take at Henrietta.


The paint covered the chair quite easily. I barely needed two coats to complete the chair, which makes this a really easy shade to paint with.


I could see this color working so well as a pop of color on an accent piece of furniture. Chairs, side tables and nightstands would all be perfect contenders for this shade. When it came to styling this piece for photos, I wasn't sure what color route I wanted to take.


I started by bringing in a painting with lavender flowers, and slowly pieced together different bits that coordinated.


I acquired a new plant that had shades of green and purple in it, and I always like to incorporate plants in my styling work.


I would have loved to pair Henrietta with deep maroons and burgundy shades, but oddly enough I don't own any styling props in these colors! [add that to my prop shopping list!]


Instead, I brought in some warm wood tones with a vintage trunk and framed prints. I added bright colors to the vignette with books and more art.


I thought it would be fun to see how different colors pair with this lilac shade. It's a surprisingly versatile color to style with and I can't wait to experiment more with this shade!