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A Chat About Hoarding Vintage Trunks

The title of this post is self explanatory.  I have this thing about trunks. If I sees it, I buys it!  The older, the grittier, the better.  I've collected, hoarded and [much to my dismay] eventually sold quite a few trunks over the years. The only way I get to have a successful furniture business is by not allowing myself to hold onto anything really. If it makes someone else happy and they're willing to pay a fair price, I have to be okay about parting with it. Sigh...


That being said, I once had this little red trunk that I adored. As beautiful and bright as this trunk was, the interior of it was a little funky, which made storing anything inside it a bad idea.  So when a client saw it and asked if she could buy it and for quite a bit more than I'd paid, I said yes without giving it much thought. Silly Jo. I still think about that trunk, and it is one of the things I regret parting with.

Now for some trunk redemption...Recently my mom was at a local thrift shop and saw they were selling a variety of trunks, three to be exact.  She sent photos, and I replied with, 'BUY THEM ALL.'  She assumed I was kidding, but oh no, I don't kid about my trunks. I couldn't say no!  Each one is so different from the next, and stacked together they look fantastic!

I did have an immediate favorite of the three, and have already decided it will not go for sale, because it's the buried treasure trunk of my dreams! It's small and wooden with leather handles and it photographs beautifully! I've decided it's a perfect storage piece for styling fabrics, and it also works well as a styling piece to place in furniture photo shoots [I already used it when photographing this darling lavender chair!].  The other two I will likely put up for sale in the future [time will tell], but for now they're all making for a lovely vintage/industrial addition to my home.