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Creating a Warm Orange Coral with Annie Sloan's Barcelona Orange and Scandinavian Pink

When fall weather hits, I get this immediate urge to work with warm shades. Oranges, pinks, reds, yellows. I get inspired by the foliage, by the sudden need to bundle up in sweaters and warmth. I found this dresser, and though it was one I'd typically paint in a traditional shade, I decided it was time I try such a stunning piece of furniture in a brighter color.


I tested out using Annie Sloan's Barcelona Orange directly on the piece [it is Halloween after all!] but I found it a little too bright and jarring for me.  Don't get me wrong, it would be beautiful but I wanted something a bit more subdued.

I decided to combine two parts Barcelona Orange with one part Scandinavian Pink to achieve this orange coral tone. What I love about Annie Sloan paints are how they can transform depending on the natural or artificial light sources in a room and always feel vibrant and alive. 


What really makes this piece special is the floral scroll and bead detailing on the drawer and door fronts. I didn't want to make this a highly distressed piece, so rather than sanding off the paint the reveal the wood [I did a bit just not overly so], I used a gilded wax in a gold finish and painted it on with my fingers.


You could certainly use a brush, but I liked the control I had using my finger tips and the gentle rubbed on effect it gave. It's not an over the top gilded look, but when the light hits it just right, it adds this beautiful shimmer and patina. 


This dresser also has stunning drawer and door pulls that a real standout with this orange backdrop.  


When a piece has intricate details like this and you'd like to feature them, I typically recommend painting in light, neutral shades, but now I'm sold on using bright, bold colors to bring out the unique features of a dresser. 


I continued the same paint color on the interior drawers. I love how much storage these grand dressers provide. There's a reason why their my number one selling furniture style!


For my styled photos, I wanted to feature my collection of little brass animals, since I just added a pair of brass fawns [on the left] while I was out shopping the other week.  The varying shades of vintage brass pull the tones from the dresser hardware and the gilded wax detailing perfectly.


For the wall art, I opted to use contrasting colors to further bring out the warmth of this piece. The pair of silhouettes is a favorite DIY I did using images of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett [Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books], backed with a modern graphic printed paper.  

I also used a large scale print I got from a Seattle artist [I can't seem to remember the name but will add it in when I do!]. The third art piece is one of my favorite paintings done by my aunt, Sandra Torrijos. The vignette is completed with a pair of the best Target lamps [that I use again and again and again!].

I find this dresser to be so romantic and effortlessly beautiful. It feels fun and bright, but also elegant in the same breath. I'm holding onto it for a bit, but will be putting it up for sale soon in my shop!