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Painting with Red and Collecting Vintage Books

Quick post today since I've got one piece of furniture that's been burning a hole into my workroom floor and it NEEDS to be finished and photographed stat! I also have a couple new clients to work with, which is always exciting [interacting with humans is a real thrill when you work from home alone!]. But I realized I hadn't shared quite a few pieces I'd completed in the past month, so I thought I'd get that ball rolling today!


This bookcase was a quick find and I knew I wanted to experiment with color a bit on it.  I'd just completed another project where I used a vinegar and water combination to create an industrial, distressed effect, and thought I could give it a try here.


What I quickly discovered is that this cool technique I was playing around with didn't work on laminated pieces. Good information to figure out, but needed to go back to the drawing board a bit.  I figured I could still create a weathered look, only this time I'd use different colors rather than exposing the original surface of the piece.


I went with three shades to create this look, Annie Sloan's Burgundy, Emperor's Silk and Barcelona Orange. I painted a quick coat of burgundy on the entire piece [the darkest shade].  Once that was dry, I began to layer on the other two colors haphazardly, using different brushes, still spraying with my vinegar water.

The end result was nothing like the previous piece I'd completed using this technique, but I really enjoyed the end results of this piece too! The coordinating tones of varying shades of reds and orange combined effortlessly with the vinegar water mixture, and gave the piece this mottled, watercolor effect I really like. 

Bookcases are meant to be filled with, well books [!] so a lot of the interesting paint variations will inevitably get covered up, but I love being able to see little peeks at the lighter tones along certain edges of the bookcase. 


Often when styling a bookcase for photos or for a client, I like to incorporate a mixture of books, objects, art and whatever else happens to be handy or beautiful nearby. But this time, I'd just picked up a few more boos for my personal vintage collection, and wanted to let them have a few minutes in the spotlight all on their own. 


The Works of Plato is particularly a favorite new find for me. I was really fascinated by philosophy in college and still am! Yes, I do actually read many of these. They're both beautiful and functional, which I love!


You may not read them like I do, but it's totally okay to buy books based on aesthetics alone! For clients who want to start their own collection, I always recommend slowly piecing it together, picking up books that have a tactile quality you enjoy or a color that really speaks to you and your style.


If I could fill all my bookcases with vintage books, I would, but I'm doing my best to keep my latent hoarding tendencies to a minimum! But if you'd like to fill this beautiful red bookcase with your own collection, I'm planning on posting this for sale by the end of today in my shop, so keep an eye out for it!