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Testing New Colors: Annie Sloan's Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint

Another day, another new paint color to try!  I've had this small sample size of Annie Sloan's Scandinavian Pink for ages, and as intriguing as I've found this shade, I've had pause to try it on any pieces of furniture...until now!

I've noticed a trend towards shades of pink in design for some time now.  Whether it's a faint blush on walls, or a pop of pink in pillows and blankets, varying shades of pink are becoming a well accepted choice of color in design.

Scandinavian Pink "was inspired by the traditional colours found in much Swedish furniture" []. It's a deeper pink with a hint of orange to it. When she first saw this little table, my mom's first reaction was to call it salmon, but I would say it's far less peachy-orange than that.

I found the coverage of Scandinavian Pink was fantastic.  I probably only used one coat of paint on certain parts of this piece. I love when a project comes together quickly and effortlessly, and this table certainly fit that bill!

I finished the table with some subtle distressing, then brushed on a light coat of clear wax. I went with a bit of my 'light wax' on top [as I did with my last piece, I blended a bit of dark wax into clear to get a lighter finish] to give the table that extra age and patina I was going for. I really love how the color turned out and I'm 100% ready to try it on a larger piece!

I love how this mid tone pink provides a nice contrast to the original burnished brass claw feet of this table.  Painting a small piece like this in a bolder color allows it to be the perfect accent in any space. I could see this working as a nightstand or as a table between two armchairs.  For now, I'm keeping it at the front of my home as an entry table where I can toss my keys and mail, but I imagine someone would love this piece as a Valentine's Day gift!